Thursday 4 July 2024

Palace of the Oba of the Edo-Benin Empire

The palace was first built in the 7th-century ce by the Ogiso Dynasty. It remained the royal residence after Oranmiyan founded the imperial dynasty in 1180 ce.

According to the Portuguese It was expanded to be a city unto itself. It possessed a sewer system, bathing pools, and air conditioning.

Its grounds were paved with terracotta tiles.  The interior walls of the palace were decorated with beautiful bronze plaques with sculptured reliefs. Their doors were made of ivory. The roof was made up of metal shingles. The palace roof had several pyramid towers toped by large bronze statues of African hawk-eagles. This massive West African palace was destroyed in the late 19th-century by British cannons, who looted its treasures.  Its stunning metal sculptures are now in the finest museums in the world and in the collection of the richest billionaires. #Africa

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