Thursday 4 July 2024

Omanhen of Abora State, Emintsinminim Amfo Otu XI

The King, Emintsinminim Amfo Otu XI uses the double umbrella called "Ebidzidzibiekyir" sending a message that, indeed, there are rankings in leadership and royal/chieftaincy positions and Abora exerts supremacy over others.

Abora State is the largest State among the traditional Borbor Fante states but it isn't the largest in the Greater Fante Confederacy Union with Gomoa and Wassa having larger territories.. 

Abora Frentenfrem, Abora Ahunabobiri, the Traditional Capital of Warfare in all Akanland. Abora Ɔkotupɔn, Tutuapɔn, Kumapem.

Amankwa Tia ne wura Nana Otu!!!

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