Tuesday 2 July 2024

Every 1st of July we celebrate the abolition of slavery in Suriname πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡·

After 1863, the Africans who were made into slaves by the Dutch were forced to work for 10 more years to eventually be set "free" in 1873.

After that endangered workers were brought from China, Indonesia and India to continue working.

Suriname was a Dutch colony until 1975.

In Sranantongo we say "Manspasi dey" or "Keti Koti".

Freedom! What does it mean?

(1). Physical freedom: This refers to the absence of physical limitations, such as captivity, slavery or oppression. If you can move and act freely physically, you experience a basic form of freedom.

(2). Emotional Freedom: Physical freedom alone is not enough. Emotional freedom is about letting go of inner obstacles, fears and negative emotions. It means that you can be yourself without being limited by emotional burdens.

(3). Relational freedom: This has to do with the extent to which you can express yourself and connect with others. When you feel free to share your thoughts and feelings, you experience relational freedom.

(4). Positive and Negative Freedom: Negative freedom is the absence of external constraints, while positive freedom is about the ability to express one's own potential and will. It is not only about freedom from outside influence, but also about inner freedom.

(5). Freedom of expression: This means that you are free to express your opinion, both offline and online.  It is an important aspect of freedom, but it also brings responsibility.

In short, true freedom goes further than just physical freedom. It includes emotional, relational and inner freedom, as well as responsibility and the ability to learn from mistakes without fear. As humans, we can experience freedom by having faith, despite our limitations, and by being open to life and the lessons it offers us.

Stuff to think about: How free are you actually?

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