Tuesday 2 July 2024


If you come from a family of drunkards, let that cycle end with you. Let drunkenness never pass through you to the next generation.

If you come from a family of drop outs, no one gets to finish school or go to University; end that cycle and reach the highest level in study, prove that even your family tree can produce an intellectual.

If your relative's marriages never last, your parent's marriage was a disappointment; end that cycle, when you get married have a marriage built to last.

If you are a man and your father used to beat up your mother; end that cycle, be the opposite of your dad and love your wife like a real man should.

If you come from a tribal family where decisions are made through tribal lenses; end the cycle, show your family that love knows no tribe.

If the family you come from has been living in poverty; end that cycle, make money, lift your family to wealth.

If members of your family are largely known for mediocrity or shameful acts; end that cycle, be excellent and successful, bring pride to your family name.

If people from your family are known to be mean,cold and tempered; end that cycle, work on being friendly, warm and approachable.

If your family has been involved in witchcraft, suicide, curses and ungodliness; end that cycle, introduce God in your family tree, declare that as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!

You don't have to carry forward the shortcomings in your family down the lineage to the next generation. Love your family but learn from their mistakes. You don't have a say in determining the family you are born in to, but you can determine who you become and the kind of future and family you will have. Your decisions affect generations to come.

Via Married & Saved

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