Monday 5 September 2022


Ayaba - the common term used to refer to a queen in the Yorùbá language. However, it literally means "wife OF the king". Thus, it appears that her "title" is based on who she married and not lineage or merit (the latter being for another discussion).

In the Ajã (Fɔ̀n) language, the direct term for a monarch is axɔ́. It is gender neutral. A male monarch ("ruler") is called axɔ́sú. A female monarch is called axɔ́sí. In more recent and confused times, the Ajã have been referring to a woman as axɔ́sí simply because they are the wife of an axɔ́sú. Often, when you see this confusion, it is due to the allowance of foreign cultural and colonial corruption. An axɔ́sí ("sí" in this context referring to a female and NOT a wife) is one who has went through the proper rites and ceremonies to be enstooled IN HER OWN RIGHT.

I personally believe that if a woman is to be called queen, there should be a FULL CEREMONY enstooling her. To call her "wife of the king" as her title only makes her something based on who she married. It's just like how in European culture the woman takes on the last name of her husband. The ReAfrikanization process continues.

H.I.M. Àgɛ̀lɔ̀gbàgàn Jǐsovì Azàsinkpontín Àgbɔ̀vì I

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