Thursday 29 September 2022

Why is [the term] kabbalah used in Ifá Esoteric Yoruba Kabbalah? Isn’t Kabbalah Jewish?

Kabbalah is actually a universal and non-sectarian philosophy and spiritual discipline that teaches us how to receive the divine light and integrate it into our lives so that we can evolve, develop, unfold and mature morally, ethically and spiritually. Kabbalah is for eradicating selfishness and acquiring selflessness [overflowing love and compassion].  Kabbalah is for overcoming and transcending powerlessness and becoming filled with continual waves of ever increasing divine power, strength, intelligence and ability.

Even thought the science of Kabbalah was adopted, grafted upon and used within the framework of Judaism, Kabbalah itself transcends and predates Judaism. Kabbalah a perfect and divine system and science of spiritual enlightenment, empowerment and unfoldment that can be applied and practiced by anyone. Kabbalah teaches how to successfully receive and employ divine blessings, endowments, [spiritual] powers and benefits. Ifá is such a divinely constituted system and science that is exclusively dedicated to teaching us how to successfully receive and employ divine blessings, endowments, [spiritual] powers and benefits, and as such can rightly be called kabbalah.

The foundational principles, teachings and practices of Kabbalah are universal and the science of Kabbalah exists everywhere though it is called by different names depending on the time period and culture where it emerges. Calling it by the name Kabbalah is not what is important. What is important is the understanding and practice of its principles in all the aspects of ones life. Kabbalah simply means the science that teaches us the way to quickly and safely receive divine light, understanding and spiritual power. 

When we carefully study and consider the profound teachings of the Ifá literary corpus we very quickly come to understand that what Òrúnmìlà revealed was a science, method, practice and philosophy that leads us safely and unerringly to fulfillment, maturity, intelligence and power. Ifá teaches us how to RECEIVE [kabbalah means the art, wisdom and science of receiving divine wisdom, power, benefit and blessing]  divine power, grace and wisdom or ÀSE in a systematic, orderly, gradual and progressive way and hence the founder of Ifá Esoteric Yoruba Kabbalah very wisely adopted the use of the universal and non-sectarian word Kabbalah because Ifá is the science that teaches us how to receive [kabbalah means to receive] divine blessings, healing and correction, and how to right perceive the world and our place in it, and how to properly operate our lives within this world so are to achieve the maximum amount and maximum quality of blessings, benefits, prosperity and unfoldment in an optimal time period.

Ifá is written in a sacred and ingeniously codified language devised by Òrúnmìlà. When you are taught to correctly understand and apply the confided confidential teachings of Òrúnmìlà in Odu Ifá you will will experience immediate and direct contact with the upper spiritual worlds, the world of primordial power, the world of the holy emanator and the supreme absolute truth [Enitolodun - Olorun Alaaye]. The goal of Òrúnmìlà for us is Ifáyelele - the unsurpassed state of excellence, perfection, satisfaction, harmony and fulfillment.

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