Thursday 15 September 2022


If there is to be a realignment of balanced energies in the world to help humanity to evolve naturally according to the laws and principles of Ifa. Then the truth of the divinity of feminine energy must be exposed. The truth must be known and reported or taught by those with Iwa Pele (gentle character). Men who are in position to speak the truth to women in need of guidance who lack wisdom, often don't because it gives them an advantage with the use of those secrets. Those secrets if not properly taught will end up causing the destruction of humanity as it was meant to be.

This is why Orunmila had to change the sex of Osun’ child before she gave birth. And the world is now facing the same dilemma. It’s no secret that the divine feminine energy holds the dark secrets and powers by birthright to destroy the world. It also holds the secrets to make it a better place. But if women are continuously being denied the true wisdom they need to help bring the world back into alignment, the greed and ill intent of man will evidently give them every reason to lash out in anger, hatred, frustration and vengeance.

The Holy Odu Ifa Oturupon Ofun says:

Oturu processes the cotton wool

And they complained that he had started again

The Awo of Eleye cast Ifa for Eleye, the Elders of the Night

When coming from heaven to earth

Oturu processed the cotton wool

And they complained that he had started again

The Awo of Eniyan, Human Being

Cast Ifa for Eniyan

When coming from heaven to earth

They were both advised to offer Ebo

Only the Eleye complied

Human beings are the guilty ones

Human beings are the culprits

Human beings could have put in the effort

And offered the Ebo to the Elders of the Night...

More and more women are getting sick and tried of being misunderstood, disrespected, spiritually oppressed, suppressed and depressed. They want and yearn to be their divine feminine selves and be respected and loved for it. The saying behind every good man is a good woman. Why? Because it is in a woman's nature to add her powers to anything she chooses too and make flourish as Osun did when she was denied to be her natural self by the male Irunmoles to help bring beauty and balance to everything they were creating.  When a woman is suppressed from being her natural self after a while the depression and imbalance that she may be feeling will automatically turn into something that she can use to empower herself whether its negative or positive. It's just her instincts to be happy and to survive. All the woman want is the opportunity to know the truth and be supported in her truth. And she has every right too because she has suffered too. She has endured the suffering of slavery and cultural displacement from the white man, trying to understand, fit inside a society that’s really against her, sympathize and deal with the suppression that she personally face, even from her own race of men.

This is a lot to bare and eventually often leads to an emotional and mental breakdown as she struggles to find a balance for herself in the world.  If the world is against her and her own race of men are not protecting and are against her then what choices does she have left to live a stable and balanced life? Regardless, if women have the protection and support they need from their own race of men or not. They will find a way to survive, spiritually evolve, even in some cases return to the origin of their metaphysical existence, and they should be encourage to do so to tap into their own divinity, the innate inherited right of all females as Osun did, and be cheered on to be their divine feminine selves. Women (especially black women) were designed to impact the world and this is the reason Olodumare gave women the natural cosmic powers of Ofo Ase (word power) to speak things into existence.

Olutunde Olufemi 2022

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