Friday 23 September 2022

Queen Nanny of the Maroons

Born 1686: Ghana

Died  1733/1750: Jamaica

For over 30 years it is said she fought and freed over 800 slaves on the island of Jamaica. There are many stories about her, it is said she was a queen in Ghana from the warrior Ashante tribe when she was captured and brought to Jamaica where she later escaped and led an armed revolt against the British Empire in the mountains and jungles of Jamaica for two decades.

It is said she used guerilla warfare to fight the B.ritish who suffered great loss and later settled with a peace treaty to spare their men. She was said to also be a powerful spiritual voodoo priestess who would use her powers to shield her fighters from the attacks of the British.

One British officer who was lucky to survived her encounter described her as being small, muscular and strong with intense eyes. She wore a girdle with at least 10 different combat kn iv es. Queen Nanny is Jamaica's only female hero and there are still Maroons living in Jamaica today.

Source: one africa

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