Wednesday 4 October 2023

The Hole called “Western Eurasian” Dna

In the late 19th century, and early 20th century some racist academics dug “an intellectual hole”. When they were six feet deep digging this hole, their successors (next generation) kept digging. They are still digging.

Architects of Egyptology, like James Henry Breasted, used racist criteria to define black people as those with "thick lips and flat noses" while attempting to whiten Egyptians. They even classified Abyssinians and Somalis as Caucasoid. Criteria such as black hair, shortness, tallness, round face, oval face, big jaw, small jaw, straight hair, and curly hair were ignored. Figures like Josiah Clark Nott, Geo R Gliddon, Flinders Petrie, Edwin Blashfields, James Harvey Robinson, Gaston Maspero, Budge, Newberry, and Garstang played significant roles in shaping this narrative, which dominated the study of “Western Civilization” for decades. These early racist classifications perpetuated harmful stereotypes and created confusion.

They claimed the North Africans were brown, then they claimed they were white, then they claimed ancient North Africans were black Caucasians. The stupidity is documented in “editions” of their books that we can readily compare. It was Chiek Anta Diop who had to retire these claims at the UNESCO conferences of the sixties.

Petrie wrote in a letter and we have the evidence, “I am hostile to calling the ancient Egyptians Africans, I prefer to think they came from West Asia”.

These are the kinds of people who wrote books that got printed and studied by adults over the age of 60. These books were used for the subject called “the History of West Civilization” which was renamed “World History”.

Today when you read Dna studies you will come across a phrase called “Western Eurasian”. It is a term for people possessing African Y-dna. 

If you are not illiterate and can read a map, you will have noticed that North Africa is physically within Africa. This part of Africa is what some academics call “West Eurasia”, a geographic place that is neither a part of Europe nor Asia.

And what Y-dna haplogroups do they call “Western Eurasia”? A number of haplogroups descended from African ancestors actually.

Let's break down the explanation of why these Y-DNA subclades descend from African ancestors in a way that anyone however clueless about life or logic can understand.

You have probably heard about DNA and how it's like a genetic code that makes us who we are. Well, there's something called Y-DNA, it tells us about our ancestry on our dad's side, like a family tree but in your genes.

Now, let's talk about some specific Y-DNA groups that have their roots in Africa. Imagine a family tree going way, way back in time. These Y-DNA subclades are like branches on that tree, and they all started in Africa. 

Here's why:

(1). E-Z827: This branch is like a twig on the human family tree, and its roots are deep in Africa. It tells us about ancient African ancestors who passed their DNA down through generations.

(2). E-M78: Another branch, right? This one also comes from Africa. It's like a piece of a puzzle that connects us to our African heritage.

(3). E-V65: Yep, you guessed it - this one is from Africa too! It's like a treasure map that leads us back to our African roots.

(4). E-M81: Like a trail of breadcrumbs, this branch leads us to Africa. It's part of our genetic story that comes from our African ancestors.

(5). E-V68: Yet another branch with African origins! It's like a chapter in our family history book that talks about our African heritage.

(6). E-V22: This one, too, started in Africa. It's like a time capsule that helps us learn about our African ancestors.

(7). E-V13: You guessed it, African roots again! This branch is like a key that unlocks the story of our African heritage.

(8). E-M34/E-M123: These are like two branches from the same tree in Africa. They tell us about our ancient African relatives who passed their DNA to us.

So, all these Y-DNA subclades are like pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle. They show us that our family tree has strong African roots. It's like a reminder that our distant ancestors lived in Africa, and their DNA still flows in us today, even if we live far from Africa.

So, no matter where we are in the world, we all have a bit of African heritage in our genes, and that's something pretty amazing to know about our shared human history!

But those E subclades I mentioned are all from inside Africa.

These subclades tell us when a group of people descend from ancient African men. Now imagine that the evidence says a certain people have African ancestors but this “hole diggers” can’t admit that ancient North Africans were Africans. They wish to be consistent with the racist academics which called North Africans Caucasians. This is why they use the phrase “Western Eurasian”. 

Apart from people descended from Islamic invasion Arabs, there are no North Africans who claim to be descended from Europeans, Eurasians or people in the Middle East. In the Torah, the Jews claim they came out of Egypt. They claim 70 people went to Egypt. How did that number grow to exceed 1.2 million without intermarriage with Africans? Arabs claim to be descendants of Hagar. The only people that can’t handle admitting that ancient North Africans descended from Africa are racists.

The term "Western Eurasian" is used to describe people with African Y-DNA, which might seem confusing. It's important to recognize that historical biases and classifications sometimes don't align with modern genetic findings.

Ancient North Africans began with brown skin tones. Due to evolutionary pressure and various factors such as polygenic traits, genetic continuity, shared ancestry and UV B radiation levels in North Africa, they developed lighter skin tones over time. The confusing labels therefore result in modern North Africans sometimes making the erroneous claim that they don’t have any black ancestors even when Europe is producing facial reconstructions with black ancestors.

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