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It is a common practice in Yorùbá to bury a baby's placenta at the baby's father house immediately after the woman has given birth. This is done for two reasons. One, to separate bad luck that has been coming with the baby from the Heaven (Spiritual realm). Two, to reposition the place of the baby in his father's compound. 

One Ifá verse from the Odù ifá Ọsẹ Ìretè explains the reason why placenta must be buried for the baby to succeed in life. 

Àpò wọ̀jọ̀wọ̀jọ̀ babalawo Ire abùfún Ibi

Dífáfún Ire pẹlu Ibi

Ìgbàtí wón ti òde òrun bọ̀ wá sáyé

Ẹbọ ni awo pe ki won o se.

Ire ló gbẹbọ lọpọlọpọ tó rúbọ

Àpò wọ̀jọ̀wọ̀jọ̀ jẹ kí ire o gbáyé

Kí ibi o padà sí ìwàrun.


Àpò wọ̀jọ̀wọ̀jọ̀, the Priest of Ire (baby/blessing) and Ibi (bad luck)

Casted Ifá divination for Ire and Ibi

When they were coming to the world

The Priests instructed them to perform sacrifices

It was Only Ire that performed the sacrifices

Àpò wọ̀jọ̀wọ̀jọ̀, let the Ire stay in the world

And send the Ibi back to the Heaven.

Ire that Ifá talks about here is a "baby" while Ibi is "placenta". The two cannot survive together. People prefer Ire to stay in the world with them because ire performed necessary Sacrifices recommended for him/her in the Spiritual realm. Nobody wants to associate with Ibi (bad luck).

Placenta is always bury in a wetted ground by the father of the new born baby.

There are Spiritual implications for children that their placentas are misplaced either thrown to the bush or the river. A child who's placenta was thrown to the river will not have peace of mind in life. A child who's placenta was thrown to the bush and dog or any animal feed on it will be facing serious trouble in life. Burying of placenta is very important and sacred in Yorùbá tradition.

The odu chanted by Babalawo ifatayo awolade

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