Sunday 1 October 2023


Africa doesn’t just import vehicles. Some Africans have created car manufacturing businesses despite issues such as corruption, sabotage and unstable power. Let’s celebrate these brands by learning about them:

(1). Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (Nigeria)

(2). Kantanka Automobile Company (Ghana)

(3). Laraki Automobiles (Morocco)

(4). Kiira Motors Corporation (Uganda)

(5). BIRN (Birnbaum Group) (South Africa)

(6). Mobius Motors (Kenya)

(7). Wallyscar (Tunisia)

(8). Abtah Motors (Morocco)

(9). Laraki Epitome (Morocco)

(10). Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libya)

(11). BNC (Burkinabé National Company) (Burkina Faso)

(12). Picanto SA (South Africa)

(13). AVM Africa (Egypt)

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