Friday 20 October 2023


A persistent rumor has it that Mount Kilimanjaro actually belonged to Kenya until colonial times when Queen Victoria gave it to her grandson Kaiser Wilhelm, who governed what would become Tanzania, as a rather lavish birthday present. (Clearly, iTunes cards hadn’t been invented yet.) This, some argue, explains the Kilimanjaro-shaped kink in the straight border separating Kenya from Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro: the highest mountain in Africa: one of the seven summits in the world that has its top 5888 meters above sea level: is a colossal mountain and is not confined within the territory of Tanzania. It expanses to the border of Kenya: the neighbouring country of Tanzania. Hence we can say it is located on the territory between Tanzania and Kenya.

The Rongai route is the only trail to approach Mt Kilimanjaro from the North, on the Kenyan side of the mountain. This route is considered more scenic than the Marangu route and easier than the Machame route and has a high summit success rate. Many of the trekkers who want easy and scenic trekking prefer this route to reach at the summit. Climb through this route can be completed within 6 routes.

As like other routes this route would also take you through various vegetation zones. You would pass by the villages and coffee plantations, attractive forest that shelters a variety of wildlife, through the exotic heather-zone flowers and plants and then through the moorland and so on. The outstanding photographic opportunity on your way to the summit would captivate your soul and the mind as well.

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