Sunday 1 October 2023


The Akwambo festival is celebrated in July ending to the first week of August by the people of Breman Essiam in the Central Region of Ghana. The Akwambo means “path-clearing”, 

The Akwambo festival is usually a week-long celebration to commemorate the journey and arrival of the founding settlers of the four towns of Gyinankoma, Ekrawfo, Atakwaa, and Otabenadze. 

Akwambo was first observed by the migrant ancestors of these people, whose primary role when they arrived in a new place was clearing paths to the rivers, farms, and other communal places, consequently, a day was set aside for this purpose and all those that used these paths were to gather and embark on the exercise. 

The following day, the whole community assembles at the ancestral shrines and libation is poured by the chief to the ancestral spirits to thank them for their protection during the previous year and then request for more blessings, abundant rainfall, and a good harvest for the ensuing year.

At the stream or riverside where some of the sacrifices are offered, alligators and other species of fish come out to enjoy the mashed yams sprinkled on the water.

With their bodies smeared with clay, the people then parade with twigs and tree branches through the town in groups amidst drumming, dancing, and firing of musketry.

During this time, the inhabitants create a song to tease or mock those that Steal within the year. But they will not mention the person's name.

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