Wednesday 18 October 2023


This is one of my favorite images of one of the great figures in African history. Her name is Ahmose-Nefertari. She comes to us from the glorious 18th royal family of Kmt (Ancient Egypt). She is a distinguished African woman painted ritualistically in the color black. She represents rejuvenation and resurrection.

We see the name Kmt used more and more for Ancient Egypt. Kmt means "the Black City" or "the Black community." In the hieroglyphic language of Kmt, the Medu Neter, as I understand it, the symbol was a piece of charred wood.

I am very comfortable with the usage of the term Black. I use Black, upper case, as a descriptive time for the people of Africa. It is ethnic and it is cultural.

I am as comfortable with the word "Black" as I am comfortable with the terms "Africa" and "African." 

Everybody does not like the word "Black." I do.  Everybody does not like the words "Africa" and "African." I do. I think that it is the best name for the Motherland and her people. I use both words, Black and Africa(n) and I am comfortable with both. Just like I sometimes alternate between Kmt and Ancient Egypt. I am comfortable with both.

~ Late Dr. Runoko Rashidi

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