Sunday 31 July 2022


In an interview, Nigerian afrobeat star Burna Boy expresses some facts about Africa's education system. According to him, Africa's school curriculum focuses a lot on European 'mythical' stories and ancient Kingdoms as opposed to teaching things that are significant to the African child.

The need to revisit Africa's school curriculum has been a center of discussion for years now. Proponents of Afrocentric school curriculum believed that African students must be taught about skills that are needed to address issues facing the continent as well as human relations that reflect the realities of African societies and not others.

It's also argued that Africa’s policy makers must  be wary of the 'soft' approach by others to introduce school programs  that teach social and political thoughts that are written by western thinkers for western societies but often promoted as 'universal values' or 'best practice' for human relation.

By L. Mansaray for EYEGAMBIA

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