Friday 22 July 2022

12 interesting facts about Kwara state

Kwara is a state in western Nigeria. it was created on 27 May 1967, when the federal military government of General Yakubu Gowon broke the federation of Nigeria into 12 states.

Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State, the state has 16 local government areas and a population of 3,192,893 according to the 2016 projected populations published by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Here are 12 interesting facts about Kwara State...

1. The name “Kwara” is derived from the Nupe word for the “River Niger”. However, the River Niger flows through Kwara state passing Jebba, Edu, Patigi Local Government Area to Kogi state.

2. The State Capital “Ilorin” derived its name from a stone used to sharpen metal tools (okuta ilo irin) by Ojo Isekuse, the founding father of the city.

3. Ojo Isekuse was a Yoruba hunter who history claimed was the first person to settle in Ilorin. His settling down there attracted other groups of people who also came down to Ilorin to settle down.

4. In 1943, Ilorin Emirate became the first community in Northern Nigeria to establish and own a community primary school that is the United Primary School at Taiwo road Ilorin.

5. As at Nigeria's independence in 1960 Ilorin Emirate was by far one of the leading light as an Economic force a fact buttressed by unprecedented number of Markets in the Emirates some of which are Alapa,Ballah, Otte, Abotto, Afon, Laduba, Elemere, Malete, Ipaiye, Meigida, Yowere, Lanwa, Ejidongari, Okuta ala, Bode Saadu, Oke Oyi, Iponri, Oja Oba amongst many was put at over 500 by most Economic analyst!

6. There is no place in Kwara without a central mosque. Islamic religion was spread throughout Kwara state when Shehu Alimi, the descendant of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio invade Ilorin.

7. Mungo park, a Scottish explorer who discovered River Niger was believed to be buried in Jebba Kwara state. The remains of his wrecked boat are there on display, and a cenotaph was built in remembrance of the shipwreck he had there when he was trying to trace the source of the Niger.

8. Another son of Ilorin prof Saka Nuru became the first proessor of Veterniary medicine In West Africa in the late 80s and presently Ilorin is the only community with the highest number of professors.

9. Kwara State has produced a lot of notable people in various fields example are Olusola Abubakar Saraki; a Senator of the Nigerian Second Republic, Bukola Saraki; the former senate president of Nigeria,  Bola Shagaya; the second richest woman in Africa, Lai Mohammed; the present minister of information and culture, Pastor David Oyedepo; the founder of Faith Terbanacle AKA winner chapel, etc.

10. In 1947, a son of Ilorin Alhaji AGF AbdulRasaq became the first in Northern Nigeria to qualify as a lawyer! Ilorin touted as the community with the highest numbers of lawyers has produced the chief justice of Nigeria as well as the president of the federal court of appeal.

11. Kwara state has important tourist attractions such as Esie Museum, Owu waterfalls, Imoleboja Rock Shelter, Ogunjokoro, Kainji Lake National Parks and Agbonna Hill Awon Mass Wedding in Shao.

12. Kwara State’s  has a peaceful population, abundant natural resources, well-developed infrastructure.

Source: Gossip House

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