Friday 1 July 2022


© EJIOGBE By Olalekan Oduntan

Àkọlé / Theme:

Ìwà oníkálukú làá ò fi dá wọn lẹ́jọ́

By their characters shall they be judged 

Ẹsẹ Ifá/ stanza:

Ìṣẹ́pẹ́ wẹ́rẹ́wẹ́rẹ́ awo ojú omi

Ìtì bàmbà awo alẹ̀ odò 

Ìràwé lẹ̀bẹ̀lẹ̀bẹ̀ awo àjárọ̀ ojú omi

Àwọn ná dífá fún Olókun Ṣẹ̀níadé

Níjọ́ omi òkun  kò tó bù bọ́jú kò tó bù wẹsẹ̀

Ọta wẹ́rẹ́wẹ́rẹ́ awo inú omi dífá fún Olókun 

E ò rí ìjì wẹ̀lìwẹ̀lì tí ń gbé e wọn réè f'Ólúwẹri 


Little log of wood, the Priest of stream

Timber, the Priest of the sea

Water lily, the priest of the river

They cast divination for Olokun

When the water from the ocean is so little that it can't wash the face or the feet

Pebble, the priest of the sea also divine for Olokun

Don't you see whirl wind troubling and taking them to the king of the sea?

The story:

Olókun was so small and was experiencing discomfort when the sun is very hot including insults from spitting from people. He consulted the 3 Babalawos named above, the little log of wood, the timber and the water lily. The Odu cast was Èjìogbè . They told Olókun that he would never be big and remain small forever. Wao! What a depressing prophecy. 

He left them and was crying when the 4th Babalawo, the pebble met him on the way and asked, "what is troubling you?" He narrated his experience with the 3 Babalawos. The pebble (Ọta) asked for the Odù and when Olókun told him, "Èjìogbè ", the pebble was surprised with their interpretation. He told Olókun not to worry. He just needed to do 'Ẹbọ'. Olókun did as was told and miraculously, other streams from nowhere joined the small Olókun to make him the biggest ocean all over the world. He was thankful to Olódùmarè and Ifá that he decided to celebrate. Everyone was invited including the 4 Babalawos. After eating and drinking, the 3 Babalawos arrogantly wanted to see Olokun, then the whirl wind was troubling them, they got scared and shouted the name of Olókun. When Olókun heard their voice, he cursed them that they would forever be restless on water because they were prophets of doom but on the other hand he embraced Ọta wẹ́rẹ́wẹ́rẹ́ (The Pebble) and prayed that he would forever remain strong and healthy ( Orí kìí fọ́ ọta nínú omi, òtútù kìí mu ọta lálẹ̀ odò, ọta kìí kú ) for delivering the esoteric message of Olodumare perfectly. When you throw a stone into the sea, where does it go?

My people, we can all contribute to analyse the lessons from this stanza. 

Stay blessed.

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