Wednesday 6 July 2022

Chief Salami Agbaje's House, Ibadan. Circa: 1930's

The beautiful masterpiece is still standing till today (Even though not properly maintained).

A wealthy man in the 1920's. Salami Agbaje was one of lbadan's indigenous entrepreneurs and textile dealer in the early 1920's. He was the first one to own a car in Ibadan.

His textile store in Gbaji area of lbadan was the Mecca for all sorts of people who come from the entire stretch of lbadan and Lagos to buy his wares.

However, the competition between the Lebanese and indigenous entrepreneurs increased the rate of insecurity for the latter, while the former continued to expand trading activities. For instance, Salami Agbaje reported had to quit textile trade because of them (Ojo, 1988, p. 30). Overall, the rivalry and competition did not favor Nigerian merchants.

Chief Salami Agbaje (Balogun of lbadan) died in 1953

Source: Gossip House

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