Wednesday 6 July 2022


Ayede Ekiti is a town in Oye LGA of Ekiti state, South West Nigeria. The town was said to have been founded by a warrior, General Izimo from Iye-Ekiti and a mercenary (hired fighter), Atta Esubiyi (Echubiyi- This darkness or invisible person) from Ibadan Kingdom, a statement on Ekiti govt website revealed.

History has it that some Igalas migrated to Ibadan many years ago, and many of such people have 3 tribal marks like Kogi Igalas. Esubiyi (Echubiyi) in Igala means darkness or invisible as hired fighters can demonstrate different powers, thus the name. Further more, Attah Esubiyi was said to have derived the name Atta from his war friend and colleague, Atta Igala (probably of Attah Royal house) from Bida Nupe (recall Prince Echude, son of Attah Ayegba who formed Nupe kingdom as in my previous post). 

This Bida Igala warrior who fought along with Attah Esubiyi came with his Igala followers were part of the Ayede Ekiti community first settlers. But whether Attah Esubiyi was of Igala origin or not, his fighting colleague whom he adopted his name as well as his followers are Igalas, and their descendants are still members of Ayede Ekiti town.

The title of the traditional ruler of Ayede Ekiti till date is Attah of Ayede.

And so, our Ayede Ekiti Igala brothers and sisters, blood is different from water, and we are the same Igala blood no matter how long we were separated.

We will reconnect soon and separate never again. Abomi Igala chaka, welcome to South West Nigeria.

Credit to Moses Imisioluwa Olaoke 

Thank you for the brief history


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