Wednesday 21 April 2021

Our Love for Western Things is the Real Cause of Africa's Stagnation

Àwọn òun a bí wọn mọ́ kìí wù wọn.

Tẹni ẹlẹ́ni níí yá wọn lára jọjọ.

Àwọn ló dífá fún ìwọ̀dẹ̀rẹ̀ tó ń lọ ṣ'alábárin ẹja nísàlẹ̀ odò, wọn ní kó rúbọ, ekòló l'ẹbọ. Ó rúbọ.

- Àtẹ̀-Gbè.

Those who don't value their own heritage, but lust after the things from foreigners, they were the ones who cast Ifá for Ìwọ̀dẹ̀rẹ̀ the fishing hook when he was proposing to go and 'befriend' the fishes at the bottom of the river.

He was asked to make sacrifice with earthworm, he complied.


Meanwhile, The fishes had earlier been warned to make sacrifice so that they won't receive a visitor that will become a problem to them, they taught the Awos were not seeing clearly, they called Ifá a liar and called Èṣù a thief. They said to the Awos that it was impossible for them to not be safe in their natural habitat - inside the water. On the grounds of this arrogance, they refused to make the requisite sacrifice.

On the day the fishing hook was going to the river, Èṣù asked his scribe to check the book of essences and asked him "whose turn is it for the wheel of fortune to roll?" The scribe responded "it's between the fish and the fishing hook", Èṣù asked "who made sacrifice?" The scribe replied "the hook", then Èṣù advised the hook to hold out the earthworm as it approaches the fishes in the river. 

This is how the fisherman baits the fish till date with the earthworm.

This is the explanation of the situation between the West and Africa. The earthworm represents the gins, mirrors and other things that the West brought to entice our forefathers. Today, it is in foreign aid, Visa lottery and the likes. This is the reason why Africa will continue to trail behind.

Africa doesn't appreciate her things, it prefers those of foreign origin. Until this changes, Africa will continue to be at the mercy of the West.

Aboru Aboye Abosise.

Ìbà Oluwo mi Wande Akọmolafe.

PS: The verse quoted above is a summarized version of the entire verse.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe 

Copyright: © 2021

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