Sunday 11 April 2021


When I think of ASUU strikes and the lockdown brought about by Coronavirus which have stagnated schooling in Nigeria for a while, I see a great design by Olódùmarè to prevent Nigerian youths from wasting their precious lives, time and parents' money away at the institutions that are not made to turn them into productive members of the society but merely arrogant paper degree holders who aren't able to contribute meaningfully to social development because what is being taught in school and what is obtainable in the society are two parallel lines. They are not in any way in sync and they will never be in sync. 

The school is not designed to help you think and deal with social issues as they are, it is meant to condition you to perceive society in a way that doesn't really exist, so that you can be easily manipulatable as a corporation's property - Someone profits from your going to school.

Ever wondered why after school, during NYSC, you are told to learn a skill mandatorily? It is because they know that what they have taught you in the school that they made you pay for is not obtainable in the society. 

Why didn't they simply turn schools to real skill acquisition centers and make people pay for real productive knowledge?

The schools are income generating means for the government and the hidden stakeholders, this is why they will not stop or seek to effect any meaningful change, it is the youths themselves that need to see what is not good for them and not allow themselves to be used to enrich people who do not care about them.

Youths should not be discussing candidates for 2023 but creating an agenda. What are the changes that we want to see? What are the necessary steps for this to change?

To fix unemployment, the education must educate the people with skills and not paper degrees. Bola Ahmed Tinubu suggested that the way to fix unemployment is to recruit Nigerian youths into the Nigerian army, the same man is being touted as a president for 2023.

Sometimes however, it takes some form of chaos for us to be sensitive enough to see what we are doing wrong. If the next president of Nigeria as well as other presidents of the world don't change their worldview and approach to life, they will lead humanity eventually to the inevitable chaos that is necessary for us to reset.

Nigeria and the world should brace for impact. The seed of greed and dishonesty will soon be ripe for harvest.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe 

Copyright: © 2021

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