Tuesday 14 February 2023


Today the world pays tribute to the quintessential lovers. Lord Shango and his wife Oya. It is funny we celebrate in our cuteness though we are forgetful about our history and beginnings. But go through history books and show me a love more compassionate and supportive onto the end. Show me a love full of passion and dedication to the end. Show me a love full of loyalty to the Yoruba Nation and self like Lord Shango and Oya had. 

Today lovers wear his favourite color and celebrate without acknowledging where that Airtel Red brand bible came from. I remember I was doing a brand pitch once at Airtel's Office in Banana Island and I was asked if I know what the brand represents. Red is for passion, boldness and youthfullness. One day in the retelling of our history I hope they adopt the Lord Shango mythology. 

He was brought to the throne because of his youthfulness and vigor to help build the empire. Which he did. Because of his passion and love for Oya he adopted Oya's hairstyle as his. He taught the young people the art of war and sacrifice for the empire. The things Oya did for that love that burns the heart? That is another story. 

My Lord. Eyes like bitter kola. I pay tribute. Please pardon our forgetfulness. Happy Lovers Day to you and your wife. There will be a time for retelling of our history. Our lovers from legend.

Shango ‘In memory of Time' An Apataki Film. 


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