Sunday 19 February 2023

People of the Nok civilisation

From Plateau to Southern Kaduna to Taraba to Gongola (Adamawa) to Nasarawa to Tangale-Waja (Southern Gombe), Bauchi-Plateau (Southern Bauchi), Southern Borno, FCT, Niger east and Kainji (Kebbi south and Niger north).

Over 200 Indigenous ethnic groups of what is today called Central Nigeria share similar cultures, traditions, ancestry, history, languages, orientation and societal values.

These are the Jukun, Gbagyi, Berom, Tangale, Eggon, Bachama- Batta (Bwatiye), Bassa, Zaar (Sayawa), Kamwe (Michika), Bura, Ebira, Amo, Kuteb, Marghi, Mumuye, Lelna (Zuru), Tshingini-Tsuvadi (Kambari), Chamba, Ngas, Mwaghavul, Tarok, Atyap (Kataf), Bajju, Adara, Akurmi (Kurama), Hyam (Jaba), Mada, Idoma, Igala, Igede, Ufia, Etulo, Yuom,  Alago, Tiv, Kilba, Jhar (Jarawa), Goemai, Kibaku (Chibok), Lunguraba, Jenjo, Waja, Mbula, Afo, Tula, Afizere, Nupe, Gwari, Kolo, Pyem, Migili, Wurkun, Ninzo, Pan, Pengana and many more dozens of special ethnic groups.

About Fifty (50) million people united by a common culture and history, but suppressed and oppressed by colonialism, the institutions and existence of Nigeria which erroneously defines some as majority and others as minorities.

Some call us Northern Christians, others call us Northern minorities, Middle Belters, Kabilu, Arnan and many other names borne out of ignorance and sometimes mischief.

We are however the PLATEAU GURARA GONGOLA peoples. Descendants of the greatest Confederacy of Africa KWARARAFA and the ancient NOK CIVILIZATION. We know who we are and we do not need others to define us.

We are the true food basket of Nigeria as we produce more than 70% of the locally cultivated food crops.  With 4 distinct vegetative zones, the Guinea Savannah, the Sudan Savannah, the unique subtropical mountainous zone of the Jos-Plateau, the Mambilla Plateau and the unique Guinea Savannah of Southern Kaduna. Pretty much every kind of crop in the world can grow within this blessed region.

We are the tourism heart of West Africa with multiple forest reserves, virgin forests with unique plant and wildlife, innumerable mountains, rocks, waterfalls, rivers e.t.c.

We are truly blessed !!

Arise descendants of Kwararafa!

Jakes King Nation

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