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Lalupon is a city whose story cannot be complete without the ancient city of Ibadan. It is a town located on the outskirt of Ibadan, in the Lagelu local government area of Oyo state. It was built by the warlords as a gateway town between Ibadan and Iwo as well as the reserve war camp during Ibadan war campaigns.

History has it that Lalupon was founded by Iragberi royal warlords, headed by Gudugba Isioye, a prince and warlord from Iragberi, an ancient town in the present-day Egbedore local government area of Osun state. Gudugba was said to have left Ede for Ibadan, when he came in contact with two deities which he was told would signify where he would settle.

On getting to Ibadan, he was accepted by Iba Oluyole and they lived and fought many wars together, including the Fulani wars. As a form of compensation, Iba Oluyole asked Gudugba to choose where he would like to settle and he informed the king about his interest to settle in Lalupon.

As at when Gudugba settled in Lalupon, the city had no name. Iba Oluyole who was the king at that time decided to pay a visit to Gudugba, and he met him, his wife, children and other warriors eating a very good meal. He then stated that he was enjoying royal influences, hence – Lalupon. Lalupon was coined from the phrase “Ola to ni Pon”, which reflects the majestic and royal influences of Gudugba and other warriors, who are mostly princes from various ancient towns of the Old Oyo Empire.

Lalupon is a town surrounded by other towns and villages which include – Ejioku and Ariku to the North, Gbanla, Odo-Oba, Erunmu to the East, Molunkan, Edun, and Fatumoh to the West and Adeleye, Abioye, Atari and Arije to the South.

Agriculture is the primary occupation of most of the dwellers in Lalupon and they are known for their expertise in the growing of okro. Others are artisans and people who are business oriented. Lalupon residents are known for their love for white amala, beans soup, ewedu, bush meat and okro.

Obalogun is the most prominent deity of the ruling houses of Lalupon. Obalogun festival is not an annual event but its date of celebration is usually set when a wild animal crosses through the town, and mostly in broad day. Meanwhile, there are other deities from various compounds in Lalupon.

Lalupon is the home of Kajola market, which is a collection centre of the proceeds from the surrounding villages and towns. Kajola market takes place every four days.


Oba Muniru Arigbabuwo who was installed on May, 2019 is the current Onilalupon of Lalupon. He was installed as the Onilalupon by the late former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi.

Lalupon is also a significant town in the history of Nigeria as the remains of the duo of Major General Aguiyi Ironsi and Lt. Col Adekunle Fajuyi, who were killed in the Ibadan 1966 retaliatory coup, were found within Lalupon axis on the road to Iwo town.

The people of Lalupon are accommodating, hospitable, peace-loving and are known for their historic communal efforts.

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