Sunday 12 February 2023

The list of Powerful Baloguns in Yoruba Land

1. Balogun Oderinlo from Ibadan who fought in Osogbo war and conquered those Fulani of Ilorin terrorizing Yoruba land.

2. Balogun Ajikobi from Ilorin who fought and conquered Alafin Oluewu and Oba Ibaruba. But he later conquered in Osogbo war and he was killed in public in Oyo. He received over 1000 bullets before he died.

3. Balogun Ibikunle form Ibadan who fought and conquered Kakafo Kurumi.

4. Balogun Akere from Ibadan who fought in Ijesha war but died during the war.

5. Balogun Orowusi from Ibadan who was the first man to fight and conquer Ijesha people.

6. Balogun Ogunbona from Abeokuta Egba who fought and conquered in Dahomey war. He was a very brilliant man.

7. Balogun Ayikodu from Abeokuta who fought many wars.

8. Balogun Osungboekun from Ibadan who betrayed Latoosa and took over war after Kakafo who died in a war called kiti parapo /kiriji.

9. Balogun Olasile from Ijaye who fight so many war for his boss Kakafo Kurumi.

10. Balogun Singusee from Ile ife who his the lead a war during Old Owu war and conquer Owu.

11. Balogun Ogundipe from Abeokuta..he fight so many war for Egba race.

12. Balogun Kuku from Ijebu who fought so many wars including he was the first Balogun to fight the white men in a war tagged the greatest of all time.

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