Sunday 5 February 2023

Grand Rising ~ Magnificent People

I always take great care when selecting the textiles that honor the heroines I aim to bring forth from submersion. I understand that patterns and motifs, as well as colors our eyes find pleasing, are alluring, but one should take care to understand that people around the world literally wear their heart on their sleeve. I knew that I wanted a symbol of strength and nourishment. As I researched the meanings of some of the symbols that caught my eye, I had to be careful not to choose based only on pleasure to the eye, but to stay authentic to the character I am representing. 

My first go round at looking at various indigo adire, my heart fell in love with the "Moon" pattern. The blue was so deep, so rich, so pure. I began seeking the origin of this motif to be sure it would be the right fit for Miss Simpson. I found this motif was related to an Oba of Benin in the 1800s. And, although he was remarkable in his own way, leaving his kingdom to be run by his daughter - not a common act at the time, the fit was not on point. I finally found a vintage leaf or "Flower Cover" pattern that was perfect. This batik, another indigenous method of creating fabric, has the hand stamped petal motif that expresses the nurturing, nourishment, and staple of African meals, the cassava leaf. A strong root food, it symbolizes a foundation for growth.

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