Friday 17 April 2020

Georgian Folk Music And Dances

Georgian folk musician. © Shutterstock
Georgian polyphonic singing

The key to appreciating Georgian culture lies in its musical folklore. Georgian polyphony and national dances express the beauty of Georgian nature, national temperament, everyday life and traditional alues.

The most popular forms of singing are church and folk polyphony. Three voices flow in perfect harmony, resembling Holy Trinity. They don’t have the main voice as in European musical culture. The singers are usually men, where typical Georgian song consists of three male voices. Polyphony is an integral part of Georgian social life. Georgian have been singing while celebrating some events or working. One of the most popular polyphonic songs is Mravalzhamieri, ritual song at weddings and New Year.

Just an important message. In 1997, NASA sent a Voyager 2 to space with a golden disc of 25 best melodies from around the world. Chakrulo, a classic, old, polyphonic Georgian folk song, is among them.   It is also included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

Georgian National Dances

For Georgians dancing is not only part of their culture, but the life itself. It perfectly expresses a traditional attitude of men to women, their role in society, as well as incorporates various forms of rituals and ceremonies.

Male dancers need a lot of energy, delicate techniques and stamina. Only in Georgian dances a man moves on his tiptoes without any special shoes. He is the leader both on the stage and in everyday life. A woman is reserved and humble. She tries not to be very open, but there is something mysterious, charming and enigmatic about her, which attracts her male partner. However, the latter still keeps distance.

“Kartuli” represents one of the most popular and elegant dances in Georgian choreography. This classic dance is often performed by a groom and a bride at the wedding ceremony. It reflects national grandeur of a Georgian woman and devotion, respect and love from her male partner.

Regional differences are clearly visible in clothes, as well as in plastics. Dances from mountains and Black Sea coast are vigorous. “Acharuli”is a very colorful and delicate dance from Black Sea coast of Achara.

Georgian choreography is full of warrior dances, which reflect historic drama of the nation where men had to defend their land against invaders throughout their history. “Khorumi” is a classic dance, telling the story of a small group of soldiers, symbolically showing the strength of unity.

“Samaia” (Trinity) is a beautiful and graceful dance performed by women. It was danced in honor of Queen Tamar, a wise monarch in 12-13th centuries. She incorporated in her three images – a beautiful woman, wise mother and clever monarch.

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