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What Is the Capital of New Mexico?

The state flag of New Mexico.
The capital city of New Mexico is Santa.

Description of Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. The state of New Mexico is located in the south-western area of the United States. It is usually regarded as one of the Mountain States. Among the 50 states of America, New Mexico is the 5th largest in size. In terms of population, it is the 36th most populous state. Santa Fe is the seat of the Santa Fe County, and Javier Gonzales is the mayor. It has the highest elevation of a state capital in the US and it is 7,199 feet above the sea level.

History of Santa Fe

The indigenous Tanoan people were the initial inhabitants of Santa Fe. They lived along the Rio Grande in Pueblo villages. The Tanoans and other Pueblo people lived along the Santa Fe River for easy access to water and transportation. In 1598, however, the region was colonized by the Spanish and made a province of New Spain. This was frustrating to the Pueblo people, who revolted against the Spanish in 1680 in the Pueblo Revolt. Subsequently, they recovered the area and maintained their independence until 1692, when the Spanish regained control. In 1810 the Mexican War of Independence broke out. 14 years later, the people of Santa Fe gained their independence. In 1912, New Mexico was incorporated as America’s 47th state, with Santa Fe as its capital.

Economy of Santa Fe

Santa Fe’s economy is mainly based on tourism and funding by the government. Light manufacturing and healthcare are also key sectors of its economy. The city provides excellent services. For instance, the services provided by St. Vincent Regional Medical Center have boosted healthcare in the area. Furthermore, the medical facility which serves seven different counties has employed numerous people. Besides healthcare, there are also companies that manufacture textiles, weaving, and electronics in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe is home to many artists who showcase their work in places such as the George O’Keeffe Museum and the Mexico Museum of Art. This practice has led to the development of an enormous youth artistic talent in Santa Fe.

Notable people who have lived in Santa Fe

Notable people whose roots were in Santa Fe city include David W. Alexander, who was a 19th century politician and sheriff, Florence Birdwell, a musician, Alix Generous, a mental health advocate, and writer, Anna Gun an Emmy-winning actress, and Jeffe Kennedy, the famous writer.

Tourist Attractions in Santa Fe

Tourism is an important part of the economy of Santa Fe, like it is in many other cities. Most tourists enjoy the favorable climate in Santa Fe, which allows them to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing. Some tourists visit Santa Fe during the second week of September to simply watch the Sangre de Cristo Mountains turn yellow while the sky is clear and blue. Other places that attract both local and foreign tourists include Museum Hill, the Santa Fe International Folk Market, Bandelier National Monument, and the annual pilgrimage of Santuario de Chimayo.

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