Monday 13 April 2020

What Is the Capital of Tennessee?

The skyline of Nashville, Tennessee.
The capital city of Tennessee is Nashville.

Nashville is the capital city of the state of Tennessee. It is popularly known for its music and it has a legendary music house known as the Grand Ole Opry House. Nashville has continued to advance in technology to become the urban centre it is today.

History Of The Capital City Of Tennessee

Before Nashville became the capital of Tennessee, there were two other cities battling it for the position. The two cities were Knoxville and Murfreesboro. On February 6th, 1796 the constitutional convention declared Knoxville as the capital. However, in 1812 through to 1816 Nashville was back as the capital. In 1817 Knoxville was back as the capital once again. In 1818-1826 Murfreesboro was now declared as the capital. A second constitutional convention held in 1826 that put Nashville back as its capital. At 1843 Nashville and Murfreesboro battled again to be the capital of Tennessee. The democrats supported Murfreesboro while the Whigs supported Nashville. Nashville however won as it had better roads and better water connections. The legislature also argued that since the state prison was in Nashville it was suitable to be the state capital as they needed to watch over the prison. Therefore, from 1826 Nashville became the state capital of Tennessee. Nashville has further grown to become the modern urban centre.

Geography Of The Capital Of Tennessee

Nashville is located in middle of the state of Tennessee on the Cumberland valley. It is approximately 526 square miles, and 504 square miles consists of land mass while 22 square miles consist of its water mass. The city has an elevation of 550 feet above sea level. It is the second city in the US to have a land mass of more than 500 square miles.

Population Of Nashville

The population of the capital city of Tennessee is 684,410 which is made up of a highly diverse population. The population consists of white Americans who make 66.99% of the total population, black Americans make up 25.92% of the population, Native Americans 2.23%, Asians 0.07%, and the other races make of the remaining 4.4%.

Economy Of Nashville

Nashville is known for its great music and for producing highly talented musicians such as Johny Cash. This is how it has earned its nickname of music city. The Music Industry contributes about $9.65billion of the economy annually. Nashville is also known for its healthcare companies such as the public traded HCA and community health systems that contribute one billion dollars to the economy. The tourism industry also plays a large part in contributing to Nashville's economy. Having the music convention centre and the music hall of fame, many people are attracted to visiting Nashville to have glimpse of the beauty the city has to offer.

Governance Of The Capital Of Tennessee

Nashville is headed by a mayor who is elected by the people of Nashville. The mayor is only supposed to hold office for a maximum term of eight years. Although there have been attempts to lengthen the period the mayor can be in office, but none of the candidates have been able to collect enough valid signatures to put in the ballot in order for the ruling terms to be amended.

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