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Population Of New York City

The population of New York is distributed
across the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx,
Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
The large and ethnically diverse metropolis of New York, the biggest US city, is home to around 8.5 million individuals.

The city of New York is the most populous city in the United States. It is located at the southern tip of the state of New York. The city of New York is the most densely populated in the US with a population of about 8.55 million spread over an area of 305 square miles. The city is considered as the financial capital of the world. In 1998, five boroughs were merged to form the city of New York; they are Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Over the past decade, the population growth rate has increased faster the country’s average population growth rate. The population is composed of 44.6% white, the Latinos and Hispanic makeup 27.55 while African Americans make up 25.1% of the population. The rest of the population was composed of the Asians, Native Americans, and other minority races. In the year 2014, there were 238,000births and 147,488 deaths in the state representing a death-to-birth ratio of 0.62.

Population Of New York


Manhattan is located in New York County. It is the birthplace of New York City and its economic and administrative center. It hosts the headquarters of the UN and Wall Street. The real estate in Manhattan is among the most expensive in the United States with square feet costing $1,400. It had a population of 1,636,268 as at 2014 and covers an area of approximately 23 square miles. According to the New York State Department of Health (2014), there were 117,099 births in Manhattan and 51,704 deaths, a difference of 90,512, representing a death-to-birth ratio of 0.44. A census conducted in 2010 indicated that the population increased by 2.5% to that of 2000. 48% of the population consisted of 48% white Americans, 12.9% African Americans and 25.4% was Hispanic.

The Bronx

The Bronx is located in Bronx County. It is the northernmost of New York’s boroughs. It had a population of 1,455,444 in 2015 and covered an area of 42 square miles. The county is ranked third as the most densely populated county in the United States. There were 21,309 births in Bronx and 9,024 death in the year 2014, the death to birth ratio was 0.42. According to the 2010 census Hispanic, Latinos and Spanish made up 53.5% of the population, 10.9% were White Americans while 30.1% were African Americans.


Brooklyn is located in Kings County. It is the most populous borough in New York with an estimated population of 2,621,793 spread over an area of 71 square miles. It is the densest borough in New York and the second most densely populated county in the country. Brooklyn is famous for the Brooklyn Bridge, a unique hanging bridge. The population density is 36,732 persons per square mile, making it the second most densely populated borough of Manhattan. According to 2014 statistics, there were 41,746 births and 15,380 deaths in Brooklyn. 2014 statistics revealed that 49.3% of the population was White Americans, 35.2% was African American while Hispanic was 19.5% of the population.


Queens is the largest borough of New York City. It has a population of 2,321,580 and covers an area of 109 square miles and a population density of 21,333 persons per square mile. Queens is home to JFK Airport, one of the busiest airport globally. In 2014, there were 30,362 births and 14,127 deaths in Queens. The population of Queens is growing very fast and as at 2015, the population increase was estimated to have increased by 4.9% compared to 2010. 2012 census revealed that 20.9% of the population was African American, 27.2% was Non-Hispanic whites, 27.9% was Hispanic, and 24.8% was Asian.

Staten Island

Staten Island is the southernmost borough of New York. It is the least populated borough with a population of 474,558 spread across an area of 58 square miles, the population density is 8,160, making it the most sparse borough in New York City. In 2014, the borough had 5,326 births and 3472 deaths. A census in 2010 revealed indicate that 64% of the population was non-Hispanic white, 9.5% was African American while 17.3% was Hispanic.

Population Of New York

Borough County Estimate (2014)

Manhattan New York 1,636,268
The Bronx Bronx 1,455,444
Brooklyn Kings 2,621,793
Queens Queens 2,321,580
Staten Island Richmond 474,558

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