Friday 3 June 2016

Traditional Marriage Rites In Edo State, Nigeria (Part 1)

Marriage is a respected institution in Nigeria, hence every woman of marriageable age look up to it. Traditional marriage in Nigeria has deep cultural values that have been looked upon with respect and honour.

Every tribe in Nigeria has its own unique marriage rites and but the people of Edo have been able to create one of the most glamorous marriage ceremonies in Nigeria.

I will take you through what it takes to marry a bride in Edo state; the bride price to be paid and every other details involved.

What You Should Know About The People Of Edo State

*Edo state, Nigeria is one of the six southern states in Nigeria. It is bordered to the north and east by Kogi state, south by Delta and west by Ondo state. The capital of Edo state is Benin city.

*Edo and Delta states were formerly part of Bendel but it was later divided in August 1991.

*Edo state has existed for a very long time and its origin can be traced as far back as 15th century. Edo state used to be part of the Benin empire; one of the powerful empires that existed in Nigeria.

*The inhabitants of Edo are popularly referred to as ogodomido . In ancient Edo, they operate a form of government known as owere ; community of elders. In this type of government, the most senior man is chosen to be the leader of the tribe. He is referred to as odionwere (elder of the community).

*The present Edo state used to be the seat of power of the Benin Empire. The empire stretched from Benin republic to Niger Delta, Onitsha in the east and the north west of River Niger.
The fall of the Benin Empire in 1897 by the British forces will eventually pave way for the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorate forming Nigeria.

Traditional Marriage Rites In Edo State

In early times, Edo girls usually get married between the ages of 15 to 18 but that has changed now with education and civilization.

The traditional marriage rites in Edo state will be discussed under three sub-headings;

1. Pre-wedding

2. Wedding

3. Post-wedding


Every Edo girl of marriageable age, always seeks to marry a responsible and hardworking man who will not only love and cherish her but will provide support for her financially, morally and physically.

It is also every parent's dream, to give out their daughter to an eligible suitor on a day regarded as sacrosanct for both families.

In Edo state, it was the practice of parents to go looking for brides for their sons, a system known as the betrothal system. But nowadays, the couples can meet each other anywhere and develop affection for each other. Courtship normally proceed before the marriage and can last from a year to as long as they are ready to marry.

In the past, when a girl is born, parents of likely suitors normally make their intention known to the parent of the girl by bringing items such as log of wood or yams in bundle.

After the man has officially presented the woman he intends to marry to his parents, and they are in agreement to his choice of partner, messages are then exchanged between both families. This is often known as Ivbuomo; meaning seeking for a bride.

During this period, series of investigation are carried out about both families' background. Investigation carried out would include disease condition in the family, incidence of any crime committed and any other information that might become a problem for the couples in the future.

After this has been dealt with, discussion for the dowry can then begin. The groom's families would also decide on what to present to the bride's mother as well as other members of the family.

The final terms of agreement will conclude with fixing of the date for the wedding.

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