Tuesday 7 June 2016

The Gong : Multi-Purpose Musical Instrument (Concluding part)

This "musical touch," of hearing through the ear of the body itself, creates a sense of ecstasy or well-being. The gong experience is an immersion into a spiraling cocoon of total sound. Through gonging, we are able to lose the sense of identity with our body as a physical object. We are no longer limited to a 3rd dimensional material world, but are taken to a fourth dimensional dream body. When we are in a 4th dimensional dream body, there is less interference between our ego consciousness and our more evolved innate intelligence. Our innate intelligence is the consciousness, creating perpetual DNA-repair while we are alive.

Although this repair goes on while we are in the awake state (beta consciousness), it is when our rational mind is asleep that the DNA-repair is better able to achieve maximum efficiency. This process begins in the alpha-theta state and reaches ultimate efficiency in the deep delta state. In delta-sleep, the mind is completely unconscious.

In the completely meditative state of being awake while completely asleep (the 4th dimensional gong experience), we increase the re-youthing potential of the innate intelligence without going into unconsciousness. The personal ego is then able to attain a state of non-judgment or neutrality. This is the state of total body/mind harmony.

The essential key to the gong's force of resonance, and its effectiveness, is the complete submersion and saturation of a person in layer upon layer of tone-cell multiplication. The universal gong sound is based upon the musical principle that all tones of equal amplitude keep resonating, adding to themselves, to produce cumulative offspring, so to speak. This is a phenomenon unique to gongs and replicates exactly what happens in the building of the human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies."

Gongs are percussion instruments of either definite or indefinite pitch, in the form of a metal plate usually made of brass or bronze, and are of two types; hanging (vertical), or resting (horizontal = singing bowls). They are either flat with a clear sound, convex with a supple wall, or convex with a nipple or knob with a strong wall and definite pitch. They may be described as being a wind, chau, tam-tam, nipple, cup, bowl, plate, rin, orchestral, symphonic, whirling, ascending, or descending type of gong. The major gong centers of the world are China, Burma, Java, Indonesia, and Turkey. Communities of gong makers exist in Sumatra, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tibet, and India.

Gongs are considered to be a good luck charm, and touching a gong is believed to bring a person happiness, good health, and strength. In India it is believed that the sound of a gong created the worlds, and was the primal sound of OM.

Remember that sound shaped into a dazzling tool can make, brake or rearrange molecular structure and levitate objects. Hence, when used in a benevolent fashion the formula is FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING.

*Culled from www.delamora.life

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