Thursday 23 June 2016

Ori Apere, The Inner Spirit

He is the inner spirit. The conscience is the only thing capable of transforming the destiny. This Orisha is in charge of the destiny of each of us, ha can change a negative destiny to a positive one.

The Yorubas say that our head is an Orisha which requires worshipping and attention in order for us to align ourselves, find harmony and carry on in a positive manner here on earth, on the path to our destiny. Ori is received as Orishas as well, and ceremonies are held together with our heads (ori). This deity makes it possible that the sacrifices are accepted by Olodumare. 

This deity is highly recommended for any person following the Yoruba religion as Omo Ifá (godchildren), Iyalòrìşà or Babalòrìşà (Santera or Santero) and Awo Òrúnmìlà (Ifá's bishops). Ifá established for the human beings that one person is not fruitful due to his/her Ifá sign; the problems of the persons do not involve the Orishas but the person himself.
This is the reason why an Ori must be favored in order for the person to improve his/her destiny through his/her conscience. The sacrifice for any financial event will have to be a priority in order to ensure the business or the economic wellbeing.

Labalaba fo jagba jagba de Ijagba;
O difa fun won ni Ijagba;
Nibi won gbe nsun orun koorun;
Ifa ni oro yi o si lowo oso;
Kosi lowo aje;
Owo ori lo n be;
Ori mi apere;
Atakara ileke;
Adaniwaye, mase gbagbe mi.

Butterfly flew anyhow to Ijagba town;
Meeting the people there having nightmare in their sleep;
So, they consulted Ifa over the matter;
Thinking that the witches and wizards had a hand in their problem;
But Ifa enjoined them to appease their heads;
And they thanked Ifa for the revelation.

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