Sunday 19 June 2016


The deity called Obaluaye or Olode is highly respected in Yoruba land. This deity is synonymous with illnesses like chicken pox, small pox and measles. These three diseases are his weapons. Obaluaye is a powerful deity in that if he brings the afore mentioned illnesses  without adequate attention to them, the victim may go blind, cripple, deaf and dumb or insane. It is a deity that inflicts the sickness on the child and his mother at the same time.
Even though, he is a spirit of sickness, he also gives healing to the sick people. The Orisa is also referred to as Soponno. He is very energetic because he is a male deity. Anyone that Orisa Obaluayé inflicts his spirit on is usually kept away from other people because of the spread of his disease. Obaluaye is the most feared deity because of his wrath and anger. Yoruba people believe that if sicknesses like chicken pox, small pox and measles are rampant, it means Orisa Obaluaye should be appeased before they become epidermic. The worshippers of Obaluaye will be approached to appease the deity. If this deity is appeased from time to time, it brings good health to the land and all will be well with the people. And this is the reason why Obaluaye is always being appeased and appealed to because nobody wants his wrath, scourge and anger. Orisa Obaluaye is a fierce and violent deity and may we all not incur his wrath and anger!

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