Friday 24 June 2016

ÈSÙ (Eshu or Elegbara)

Guardian and witness of the truth.

Èşù mansemi O.

Èşù please do not hurt me.

Aşé O!…

Note: Esu is the divine messenger, who guides us in our destiny, the owner of the crossroads and, most importantly, he is in charge of the frontier between the earth and heavens. Esu is one of the most important deities in this religion; he must be informed of every action which is taken. 

This does not mean that a sacrifice to him must be done for every action; there are other ways to achieve his participation. He is the divine messenger and guardian of the truth in our daily lives. Esu is in charge of shaking our conscience in order to free it from self-indulgence and thoughts without changes or transformations. 

Esu will always remind us that the search for the human truth must never stop. In essence, it is important to be honest and to keep a balance according to the constant changes. There are different Esu who have the power to change everything: Esu Laroye (who was the first Esu to arrive on the earth). Lode, Laboni, Alawana (Cuban-natives), Eleegbaa, Alaje, Ija, Abilu, Awure Ola, Sigidi, Agogo, Iranse, etc.

Copyrights: © Olalekan Oduntan 2016


  1. Hmmmmmn, quite different from the concept of the devil in the Abrahamic religions.

    1. Exactly! Christianity was never meant for black people. there is no devil equivalent in ANY African belief system.


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