Monday 2 May 2016


Orisha Oko

Oko energy is the essence of Clearing Chaos to Create Order! Orisa Oko is the Deity of the Farm. Farming represents "order extracted from the "chaos" of the wilderness. Within the myriad of kaleidoscopic energies that comprise our universe, the energy of Oko is critically important to our daily lives today!

It is Order that allows us to create peace and harmony as well as to make the better decisions.

Orisa Oko is directly connected with maintaining the spiritual well-being of the home and the community of the family.

Orisa Oko has the strength within its matrix to keep the balance of the negative and positive forces.

The honey bee and the scorpion represent the energy.

The use the sweetness of a honey bee to attract what is needed, when needed...and then the use of the sting of a scorpion to rid our lives of what is not necessary at times.

Oko energy is also associated with the Ibeji twins and with Osanyin.

The Ibeji / Oko twins will give one the ability to balance the spirits of the unborn children in the family and create stronger harmony.

The Osanyin energy is directly related to plant-life and all that is communicated to us from that matrix.

Orisa Oko also engages in the plant-world for healing and for creating strengthening harmonic energy.

Oko is a leg of the Obatala of the white deities.

*Culled from Ifa Foundation.

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