Saturday 28 May 2016

Traditional Marriage Rites : How It's Done In Yoruba Land By Oke Efagene (Concluding part)

A couple during their traditional

This is the money given to all female children in the bride's family, Owo Iyawo Ile - N500. this is the money given to all wives in the bride's family, Owo Ijoko Agba - N1,000. This is the amount of money reserved for elders of the bride's family, Owo Alaga Ijoko (amount of money reserved for the MC) - N500.

The Groom and Bride: Some of the engagement protocols officiated by the Alaga ijoko is carried out in the absence of the groom, the professionals go through a question and answer format were the bride's moderator puts the representatives of the groom through some hoops. At one point the groom's presence is needed and he comes forward and goes through the introduction process to the bride's family and parents. When all requirements are met the groom is led and allowed to seat on one of the two large chairs conspicuously placed in from of the guests. The chairs are artfully decorated in the chosen ceremonial colours by the wedding planner.

The Bride: The bride is then heralded into the venue of the ceremony followed by her friends, all dressed in traditional attires like buba and iro, as they join her in a boisterous dance down the hall. The bride also goes through a few protocols but money is only given to her and not taken from her as in the case of the groom. She is introduced to the groom's family before she takes her place beside the groom. At this stage, they may consider themselves married. The wife displays some wifely traits by feeding the groom some cake and wine, even a kiss to the amusement of the guests.

Conclusion: Yoruba traditional marriage is seen as an occasion for family members to reunite and catch-up on current happenings. They also see find old friends and acquaintances. It is a fun filled and meticulously planned period that announces to the world the union of their loved ones. The couple can choose to include a civil union through a court wedding and also go through a church wedding and a separate wedding reception. Muslims who also form a large number of Yoruba people have a more simplified wedding protocol which involves Islamic scholars and religious leaders who offer prayers to the union followed by merriment in form of a party.

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