Saturday 14 May 2016

Olokun : The Yoruba goddess of the Deep Dark Sea (Concluding Part)

Olokun, Maferefu!

Vast and deep is the sea as it flows,
where it goes no-one knows.
Keeper of Treasures, Secrets and Dreams – cast Your silver net to bring stability, wealth and knowledge to me!
I respect Your awesome powers and mysteries, Olokun.
Preserve me always from danger in the ocean of this life.
Olokun, Olokun, how beautiful, strong and unfathonable are You – who brings abundant life from the sea.

I praise Yemaya, the Great Mother. The mighty ocean is the cradle of the Earth.

Hail to Yemaya, the nurturer of all!

– Invocation to Yemaya-Olokun from

[1] Olokun is actually an Orisa or Orisha, which is a spirit or deity. The Yoruba religion is a nature-based tradition that believes in one single source called Olòrún or Olódùmarè. The Orishas are the various manifestations of the different aspects of Olòrún-Olódùmarè across the natural world. Essentially Olòrún-Olódùmarè is the Goddess and the Orishas represent Her various aspects.

Olokun is both female and male and in a way neither. Some see Olokun as being female, while others consider Her to be male. I have chosen to interpret the Orisa Olokun as being female, as it fits much better with Her attributes, those of a Dark Moon Goddess of Death and Renewal.

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