Saturday 28 May 2016

ZONE 222 A New Comedy Series On DSTV By Olalekan Oduntan

Picture of the Characters.

Watching the preview of ZONE 222, a new comedy series from the stable of Native Media outfit during their Press Conference anchored by Femi Johnson just held recently at Savoy Suite GRA Ikeja is very appealing as this new comedy in town is not only hilarious but educative and informative as well. The comedy which features actors like Kunle Bamtefa as Prof Bos, Tomiwa Kukoyi as Jambito, Papa Sam as Haji Kay, Jaiyeola Muyiwa as Prof, Anthony Igwe as Imported, Vannesa Ogboru as Josephine, Eden Attai as Fatimah and Patrick Diabuah as Fredo. The characters in this production are well coordinated by the director of production in the person of Rogers Ofime who did a lot of excellent work on gesticulation, characterization and good directing. And it is obvious from the excellent directorial approach given to the production by Rogers Ofime that he is from the theatrical background.

ZONE 222 is a comedy series that depicts characters of all sorts on our various university campuses across the country and it is a much watch production for all and sundry.

ZONE 222 soap series were all shot at the University of Ife campus and its environs. Kudos must be given to both the cast and crew of this wonderful project for having done a very good job with the supervision of their director Rogers Ofime.

The production was adapted for television from a book entitled "Love Is Blind" written by Mufu Onifade. This play has been staged severally for NANTAP Arts week and for the university students on our various campuses.

Serializing this book for television is a very good move in the right direction as the audience will not only laugh but will be informed and educated as well. All the characters involved in this project have done justice to their given roles as they have interpreted them very well in terms of characterization.

ZONE 222 will be premiered on the 1st of June 2016 on Africa Magic Urban Channel 153 on DSTV. It will be aired from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm with the repeat broadcast at 9:30 am local time. While the international time is at 21:30 CAT on the same channel with repeat broadcast at 10:30 CAT.

NATIVE MEDIA has produced other wonderful projects for television in the past which are still currently showing on DSTV. According to Eric Ossai who is the series producer for the company and also for this project, they have done other projects like The Johnsons, ToronGiwa, Hotel Majestic, Hush and this new baby called ZONE 222.

From my own assessment, this project will go very far because of its potentials of educating, informing and making its audience to laugh. The goal behind any comedy is to make its audience laugh which ZONE 222 has already met. Pretty soon, the characters in this production will soon become household names because of the quality of this production.
Conclusively, my thump up for the cast and crew of this wonderful project as I say more grease to your elbows and more feathers to your caps.

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