Friday 22 January 2016


In continuation of pairing Oyeku with other corpuses of Ifa, we shall pair six corpuses again with Oyeku today. And they are Irosun, Owonrin, Ogunda, Osa, Irete and Oturupon. 

If Oyeku is paired with Irosun, the two become Oyeku Irosun. But if Oyeku is paired with Owonrin, the two become Oyeku Owonrin. If Oyeku is paired with Ogunda, the two become Oyeku Ogunda. If paired with Osa, they are pronounced Oyeku Osa. But if it is paired with Irete, the two become Oyeku Irete. And lastly, if Oyeku is paired with Oturupon, the two are referred to as Oyeku Oturupon.

It should be noted that only a knowledgeable and gifted Ifa priest can bring the above corpuses to the fore from his divining chains or Opele. Also, he is the only one in the position to interpret and give the messages from the above corpuses to his clients. He will also give the rules and regulation attached to the corpuses to guide his clients.

Next time, we shall look into the remaining corpuses of Ifa pairing with Oyeku to conclude this particular subject matter. 

Ifa o gbe wa o!

ASA wa koni parun!!

Thank you!!!

© Olalekan Oduntan 2016.

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