Thursday 28 January 2016


Agama is a type of lizard. There are more than 60 species of agama that are native to Africa, Europe and Asia. Agamas are the most dominant type of lizards in Africa. They are very flexible animals that can easily adapt to the changes in their environment.


Agama can reach 15.7 inches in length.Agama Lizards are Omnivores. They eat ants, grasshoppers, beetles, and termites. Though primarily an insectivore, the agama will eat small mammals, reptiles, and vegetation if necessary. Head, neck and thighs of Agamas are covered with scales.
Agamas live in groups that are composed of one dominant male, couple subordinate males and large number of females.
Dominance in the group is accomplished through fights. Dominant male is called "cock". This male enjoys certain privileges: he mates with females and gets the best place for rest.
Color of the agama's body depends on its gender and its position within the group. All females are green or brown. Subordinate males have a body that is brown, gray, red, blue, or yellow in color. Dominant male is brightly colored. It has blue body with red (or yellow) head.
Agama has well developed sense of vision, which is used both for hunting of the prey and for avoiding the predators.
When resting or threatened, the cock will turn brown like the others. However, while basking in the sun, it will again become vibrant, and will occupy the best spot in the area, followed by the subordinate males and then the females.
Female releases between 2 and 20 eggs from June to September. She digs 2-inches deep hole in the moist and sandy ground where eggs will be hidden until the time of hatching.
Agama can survive for a long period of time in the wild. Average lifespan of agama is between 25 and 28 years.

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