Tuesday 19 January 2016


Today, I am celebrating forty-five years on the throne.
The same thing repeated itself when I was also consulted by the Osun government on who should be the next Ooni. I made them realise it was the turn of Giesi Ruling House. I lent my support. Here he is today. These are the sterling qualities Ooni Ogunwusi should emulate in me. I am a Yoruba. I will never disrespect elders. I hold all Obas in high esteem. We are from the same source. I visit them and eat in their palaces. I hold no grudge against the Ooni'.

When it came to Ooni's turn to speak, Ooni Ogunwusi addressed the Alaafin as BABA WA ALAAFIN. The excited Ooni lauded The Alaafin's fatherly roles played in Yorubaland. He promised the Alaafin of a rancour-free and harmonious relationship. In his own words, he said, 'Alaafin is a father and I will never be haughty or arrogant in my disposition. The Ooni ended his concise speech with a song:

Ore l'ao maa,
ore l' ao maa se,
awa o ja ma o,
Ore l'ao maa se.

From there, they moved round the Town and ended it in the palace. Ooni was warmly received in the inner court of the palace, in company of other Obas. After spending about one hour, and it was time to leave, Alaafin had to accompany them to the outskirt of the Town; where they all exchanged pleasantries and departed.

This is a vivid account of what transpired on that historic day.

My Final Submission:

His Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi, Iku Baba Yeye, The Alaafin of Oyo, has set a template for all Obas to emulate. His geniality and love for the unity of Yoruba Nation is commendable.

His Royal Majesty, Aleyeluwa, The Ooni of Ife's love for tranquility and peace across Yorubaland is worthy of emulation by all.

It is a dawn of a new era for the Yoruba race. The period of feud and animosity is gone forever.
Oyos and Ifes, and Yorubas in general, are in for a good time.

We will always speak with one voice.
With this renewed friendship, Nigeria will be great!

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