Monday 8 January 2024

This is the Great Eleme Tribe: Indigenous to Port Harcourt Niger Delta Region of Nigeria 🇳🇬

Eleme people are better known for there beautiful rich cultural displays especially during traditional marriages, new yam festivals, traditional wrestling, Onura festivals and marriage rites. Eleme people speak the eleme language which is part of the ogonoid class of language from the Niger Congo.

Eleme people are mostly farmers with cassava and yam as the major crops cultivated in the land.

Eleme are neighbours to Okrika, Ogu, Ogoni, Ikwerre and Obibo, over the years Eleme and Okrika had faced great conflicts over land disputes with the last conflict in 1999 being the most intense of all.

Ogu people who also share border with Eleme had greatly tormented the Ekporos of Eleme who lived at the South end of Eleme.

Eleme got 10 clans, due to the booming oil richness of Eleme land and political interest had dominated the land for years.

Eleme economy had been really great because of the large migration of companies and non indigenes, the first refinery built in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is located at Alesa town. Eleme businesses of non indigenes have flourished greatly due to easy access to the area, the impact of non indigenes activities in Eleme land had really caused huge changes in the Eleme society. Eleme cultures are now becoming extinct with the language being one of the most endangered languages in Nigeria.

Most eleme young generation are more brought up  with the use of pidgin language. Many steps have been taken to bring back most lost cultures and also reviving the use of Eleme language in occasions.

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