Monday 1 January 2024


▪ Religion is based on a book.

▪ Spirituality follows the laws of nature.

▪ Religion fills you with dreams of glory in heaven.

▪ Spirituality makes you experience glory and paradise here and now.

▪ Religion promises heaven or hell after death.

▪ Spirituality is about finding God within us during life and death.

▪ There is one spirituality but several religions.

▪ Religion has a dogmatic set of rules, manipulating weak minds.

▪ Spirituality invites you to reason about everything, to question everything in order to discover and understand.

▪ Religion threatens and frightens.

▪ Spirituality gives inner peace and reassurance.

▪ Religion speaks of sin and guilt.

▪ Spirituality says: “learn from error”.

▪ Religion is human.

▪ Spirituality is natural, without human rules.

▪ Religion is the cause of divisions.

▪ Spirituality unites.

▪ Religion makes you passive.

▪ Spirituality transforms you and makes you active.

▪ Religion kills to impose its dogmas.

▪ Spirituality leads to wisdom through knowledge.

▪ Religion says that "God" is in heaven.

▪ Spirituality teaches that "God" is within us.

▪ Religion says that "God" elected a people called the Jewish people.

▪ Spirituality knows that all people are equal.

▪ Religion says that the 1st humans are the Jews.

▪ Spirituality knows that the elders of humanity are black Africans.

I come in peace.

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