Monday 8 January 2024

There's Transformation of A Human Ancestral Species in Yoruba land

Either from Homo erectus species of a human to Homo sapiens  [modern human] or from Homo Heidelbergensis species of  a human to Homo sapiens.

Then scientific proved that Homo Heidelbergensis the early human species who appeared on earth between 800,000 and 600,000 years ago raised two human species, Homo Neanderthal in Europe continent and Homo sapiens in Africa continent later spreads around the world. Homo Heidelbergensis fossil discovered in Asia continent in few decades ago and He was a third man on earth and third human ancestors after Australopithecus afereniss the first man on earth who appeared in 5milion years ago and Homo erectus who appeared in 2 million years ago.

In 2012 Arun Durvasula and Sriram Sankararaman, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, United States (U.S.), made the finding. They devised a statistical method able to highlight abnormal genetic code without needing the genome of the species it was inherited from.This bypasses the need for DNA extracted from extinct African hominins as a basis of comparison.

The hotter and wetter climate on the African continent tends to destroy any preserved DNA, unlike samples of human-like species the Neanderthals and Densiovans uncovered in Europe and Asia.The statistical technique was applied to the DNA of 50 modern Yoruba who had their genetic information sequenced as part of the 1,000 Genomes Project. This established that roughly eight per cent of their DNA comes from a yet unknown ‘gost ’ ancestor. But later the researcher said Homo Heidelbergensis the third man on earth who lived between 800,000 to 600,000 years ago be the candidate.

Some Yorùbá oral tradition tell more about human evolution before people colonized us rewrite our history  with religion brain.

The story tell us that  there was a time when earth populated with IRUMỌLẸ or another human species. Ancient Yorùbá people believed that the first set of IRUMỌLẸ were 16 who descenced from heaven to Ọra Ife and Òkè tàsé present day South West, Nigeria. Yorùbá called them Àgbá mérinlodinogún means sixteen elders included the progenitors. Ancient Yorùbá people also believe that Irumọlẹ created by Olódùmarè Almighty God to populate the earth. Later the numbers of Irumọlẹ increasing from 16 to 401 that's why we have 401 Irumọlẹ or gods in our ancestral home know as Ile Ife present day Osun State, South West Nigeria today.

Ancient Yorùbá also believe that Irumọlẹ spread around world to be the father and mother of all race that's why some African ancestors has different name but the same character for example Obatala in Yoruba land is Eri in Igbo land and Kuhum in Egypt . Oduduwa the progenitor is Asuri in Egypt but only people read oral history or history came from our ancestors can know more about this.

The birth of a human being (Homo sapiens) according to Yorùbá cosmology.

In Yorùbá cosmology only Obatala got power to mud human from a clay know as Amo dá or Adà ẹdá in Yoruba language.

Obatala is only Yorùbá Irumọlẹ Instructed by Olódùmarè God to mud  all our body from a clay except our soul or internal spirit.

Which means the first human being on earth mud by Obatala.

The first modern human being in Yoruba land is  Babaluaye, 'Baba' (which means father) and Ayé (which means earth) literally means 

Father of the earth.

Babaluaye popularly know as Sànpònná in Yorùbá land today later the founder of Kétu kingdom present day republic of Beini.

In Kétu kingdom there's a point where ancient Yorùbá people believe that civilizations began. Yorùbá called it Igbalaye and many researchers suggestions that place likely to date back or existence before 400,000 years ago or before Homo sapiens i mean the modern human being who lived in 200,000 years ago.

Our oral history is true...

Note not only Yorùbá tribe has gost ancestors or transformed from Homo Heidelbergensis to Homo sapiens or modern human being, we're 10 in numbers majority in west Africa. Tribes like Ẹsan of Nigeria, Ga of Ghana, Mende of Serria Leone, Ewé of Ghana, Kétu people in republic of Beini but both were Yorùbá descendant in West Africa and some tribes in China and Indonesia.


Unknown DNA in west Africa to know more.

Our oral tradition isn't fiction according to modern people believe but is real live of our ancestors history because there's evidence.

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