Thursday 18 January 2024


Zulu people refer to themselves as ‘'the people of the heavens'' and they are the largest ethnic group of South Africa with an estimated 11 million Zulu residents in KwaZulu-Natal. isiZulu is the language of the Zulu people and about 11 million residents are fluent in the language. In the 19th century they merged into a great kingdom under the leadership of Shaka.

After the death of his father, Senzangakhona, Shaka accepted leadership of the Zulu clan who at the time only consisted of 1 500 people. Under his reign from 1816 until 1828, an army (impi) of 50,000 emerged and defeàted other clans.

Shaka created many military tactics to defeat the enèmy. He created the 'Assegai' (short, large bladed stàbbing spear) and the lethal means to utilize the wèapon. Shaka also discarded his cowhide sandals, as it hindered his movements. He proved to be a brilliant military leader and soon became a threat for his clan.

What do you know about the Zulu people?


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