Saturday 19 October 2019

AIM Global Compensation Plan: Top 10 Cool Facts

It is a multilevel marketing company based in the Philippines that has grown quite popular there, as well as in many other locations. Many call the company AIM Global, but the actual name is Alliance In Motion. AIM Global does not manufacture their own products but has instead partnered with the Utah based Nature’s Way who makes exclusive products in the area of nutritional supplements just for AIM Global. They also have a partnership with a health and beauty manufacturer from Japan called AMS Life Science Co. Ltd.

AIM Global History
In 2006, 3 men who have had great success in network marketing decided they were ready to start a MLM company in their home country of the Philippines. These men had a fantastic idea in that they would partner with other companies to have exclusive products with the AIM Global name on them.

Over the years, these men had measured the good and bad of various compensation plans and vowed to develop a comp plan that all independent AIM Global representatives would love.

These men are:
•Eduardo Cabantog
•Francis Miguel
•and John Asperin

With fantastic products and an excellent
compensation plan, Alliance in Motion (AIM Global) has been growing substantially in the 12 years they have been in operation
Today, I am going to give you 10 cool facts on the AIM Global compensation plan.

#1: A Comp Plan Mixture

AIM Global’s founders took what they believed to be the best from several compensation plans and put them together. Basically, the system operates on a Binary plan but uses both Unilevel and Stairstep principles.

#2: Cost To Join

To start any business, you will have to invest. The cost to get started with AIM Global is actually quite minimal. It equates to approximately $300 to get a Global Business Package. You will get:

•5 – 24/7 single packs
•A Video presentation CD
•A Startup sales kit
•Registration forms
•An Alliance In Motion Global website
•And an Insurance and scholarship certificate

#3: Scholarships For Distributors

AIM Global also offers distributors a college scholarship program. So while you are managing your business, you can also get part or all your college tuition paid for.

#4: Retail Profits

You can make from 25 – 30% retail profits from product sales.

#5: Direct Sponsoring

Every time you directly sponsor a person, you will automatically earn approximately $9.25 and since you are building a binary (left and right), this can add up quickly.

#6: Match Sale Bonus

And, for every person you referred and they purchase that Global Business Package, you also earn a Match Sale Bonus of approximately $28. So essentially, each person you sponsor gives you approximately $37 immediately.
And when your right and left sides match, you get another Match Sale Bonus.

#7: Uni-Level Bonus

Even if you are on vacation and you have not recruited, this AIM Global bonus ensures you are still getting some pay. For each person in your direct downline who buys products, you get a bonus…

•1 level – you get 10%
•2 through 10 levels – you get 5%

#8: Stairstep Bonus

AIM Global also instituted a promotion system. And as you rise in levels, you get a bonus off all of your group sales. What is great is, you cannot and will not be demoted. At distributor level, there is no group sales bonus, but…
Silver executive – 10% group sales bonus
Gold executive – 20% group sales bonus
and Global Ambassador – 30% group sales bonus

#9: Royalty Income

When one of your downline becomes a Global Ambassador and you are at Global Ambassador, they “break-a-way,” but you will still receive Royalties from their product sales and all those under them. It amounts to 2% which can be huge.

#10: Global Profit Sharing

AIM Global also has a Global Profit Sharing for all Global Ambassadors who are at 2000 points. A certain amount of company profits will be split between all.

Final Thoughts

There are many people who have found solid financial freedom as AIM Global business owners.
The company does also have travel incentives for top performers, and the products they offer are of the utmost quality.
If you are considering a MLM business, Alliance In Motion may be an excellent choice.
If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

Thank you.

By Greg Boudonck

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