Tuesday 13 December 2022


“In the YORÙBÁ belief, family is made up of both the living members and the ancestors.

The ancestors constitute the closest link between the world of men and the spirit world and they are believed to be keenly interested in the welfare of their living descendants.

They exercise protective and disciplinarian influence on their children.

They are the guardians of family affairs, traditions, ethics and activities.

Offenses in these matters is ultimately of an offense against the forefathers who, in that capacity, act as the invisible police of the families and communities.

It is, therefore, believed that the ancestors can be a tremendous benefit to the children who keep them happy and to observe the family taboo; but can be detrimental to the disobedient and negligent children.

The implication is that the ancestors expect their descendants to care for them by making offerings of food and drinks.

They are regarded as presiding spiritually over the welfare of the family.

The living have the confidence that they live in a world in which their ancestors are interested and over which they are watching. “


Photo: Stephan Gladieu

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