Monday 12 December 2022


Just like most hardworking, energetic, and focused Yoruba youths, Adegboro left Ibadan for Lagos in search of greener pasture. On getting to Lagos, he couldn’t get a good job as he envisaged before leaving Ibadan for Lagos. So as not to stay idle and go hungry in a foreign land, he decided to be carrying loads (Alábàárù) on his head at Òyìngbò market so as to earn a living.

Adegboro was very consistent and dedicated. He saved the money he was making from carrying loads on his head for people (Alabaaru) and in a few years’ time, he bought a cart from his savings and this eased the pain of carrying loads on his head for commercial purposes.

The Cart made his work much easier and also increased his income. Instead of living large and spending the money he was making on himself, he continued living in denial of a pleasurable and comfortable lifestyle, he kept saving the money.

After a while, he used the money he had been saving to acquire six (6) more carts which he rented out to his colleagues in the business of carrying loads (Alabaru). After about 7 years of using and renting out carts, Adegboro bought a van which is popularly known as “Bolekaja” and learning how to drive, he handled the business by himself.

Adegboro was a disciplined and focused Ibadan Man. After about another Four (4) years into the “Bọ́lẹ̀kájà business”, Adegboro had been a proud owner of six (6) Vans (Bolekaja).

Adegboro’s Bolekaja business boomed. A few years after, the same homeless and poor Alabaru named Adegboro from Ibadan was already rich. As a bonafide Ibadan son, (ọmọ bíbí ìlú Ìbàdàn), rest is sweet after work and there’s a Yoruba adage that says: “Ile ni abo isinmi oko”. ADÉGBỌRỌ̀ built a magnificent building at ỌJÀ-ỌBA where the Olúbàdàn Palace was situated.

People who knew Adegboro especially his friends and family members in Ibadan started approaching him to show them the secret behind his success.

What was he doing in Lagos?

How was Adegboro able to amass wealth to the extent of building such a magnificent building at Oja-Oba? They all look at him in perplexed askance and begged desperately to show them the way, how did you do it? they all asked.

We are ready to do anything you ask us to do! They said.

Adegboro simply smiled and asked them if they could carry loads on their heads in the market to earn income (alábàárù)? The once energetic and ready friend(s) would frown and their response had always been “NEVER”.

Adegboro too would look them in the eye and spontaneously say “ẸNI TÍ Ò LE SE ALÁBÀÁRÙ L’ÓYÌNGBÒ, KÒ LE SE BÍ ADÉGBỌRỌ̀ L’Ọ́JÀ ỌBA” – this is a replica of the adage also in Yoruba land that says; “ÌṢÀṢÙN tabi ÌKÒKÒ TÍ YÓÒ J’ATA (ỌBẸ̀), ÌDÍ RẸ̀ A KỌ́kỌ́ GBÓNÁ”. (A pot that wants to consume a palatable soup must have its bottom burnt or heated with fire first).

Lasting wealth doesn’t come with ease, it takes years and consistent effort to make it in Life. Also, don’t assume someone is Lucky, most people didn’t know about what Adegboro passed through in Lagos they didn’t see him toiling morning, afternoon, night carrying loads on his head for survival; they only saw the magnificent building he built in Oja Oba.

Always remember that tough times never last but tough people do. Be consistent in whatever you do and success will always be yours.

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