Sunday 25 December 2022

Esu is CIA, not Satan!

Every viable civilization must have a central intelligence to increase the collective intelligence of the people with a narrative tying their common origins to collective aspirations. Their Ashe to their manifest destiny.

Public opinions are not inborn but mould by public discourse that is often directed proactively. We have witnessed how the Jesuits strengthened the Catholic church, the Sufis advanced the Afroasiatic Islamic civilization.

Presently, the Western Powers have hundreds of thinktanks and intelligence services, while even the Fulani Afroasiatic civilization have to two think tanks, one of which is Gamji. However, the Original African civilization was mainly sabotaged by labelling their information management and collective intelligence as Satanic.

With Yorubas, the colonizers and their neocolonialist elite wrongly labelled Esu as Satan/Devil. Esu was the spiritual and philosophical essence of the uses and transmission of information. The most successful intelligence service is the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, created in an Esu/Virgo month, September 18th 1947 to harness Esu essences.

All civilizations operate on some universal laws best represented by a circle, a clock, that shows the interrelationships between spiritual and philosophical essences. This is not Greco Roman, but Original African knowledge later adapted by Whites, based on simple natural progression, the cycle of life divided into 12 sections from birth to education, marriage, children, death and reincarnation.

Esu is the essence of Information and is represented twice on the clock/calendar as September (Virgo) and June (Gemini) like Osun, the essence of love and beauty in October (Libra) and May (Taurus).

All creations and knowledge comes from Orunmila/Sun, which when structured becomes a civilization represented by Obatala. Esu comes immediately after Orunmila, as no Orisha can communicate without Esu. Esu is important to Obatala, because just as it provides the information flow upon which the civilization rests, it can also be used to challenge and destroy a civilization.

Esu is directly opposite Olokun, the essence of religious and political dogma, propaganda, films etc. Esu being the provision of information and its channels is a lower vibration of Shango, the essence of Justice that weighs the information and makes a judgement. So without a viable information you will end up with an unjust society.

Our misconception of Esu makes us disregard the importance of information. We have no think tanks and most of our actions are based on blind faith and not information derived knowledge. We fall for the most outrageous misinformation and propaganda which essentially has been why our economic and political development has remained arrested. Our three democratic dispositions have been been sabotaged with corruption propaganda - 1966,1983 and 2014.

The mind is the greatest weapon but if we don't manage and feed it with the right data, it becomes a weapon in the hands of others that can use it against us. We don't know our history or nor have data to plan for the future. Esu basically provides and analyzes information. When a people are invaded, the first place usurpers go to is the scribe, to destroy his knowledge bank in order to blind the people. A people perish due to a lack of knowledge about themselves. Without a structured information center, the use of Esu (information) and Obaluaye (structure), a people can't stand for anything tangible and will fall for anything.

The downfall of the Original African civilization has been tied to the failure of our information systems first, before the political and military wars are lost. Afro-Arabic imperialists always sent their traders and scholars into a territory, like the Europeans sent slave traders and missionaries into Africa. The Islamists set up small fronts from where they attract the poor, the women and the youth, with food and other giveaways, while starting a process of disinformation. It is usually moralistic propaganda against the traditional ruling classes. Knowing that Sahel societies undergo famines nearly every 7yrs, they blame the bad fortune on the moral laxity of the leadership, so when it comes the people are agitated to revolt against them. In all cases, the Original African civilization loses its traditional institutions for a more morally corrupt regime, but the dye is cast.

This continued until the European colonists arrived and waged propaganda to culturally derail the people. From simple words like Dudu, which was the word for Black in one of the largest Original African groups, turned to mean shit/excreta. A misguided returnee slave was commissioned by the Church to interpret the Bible into Yoruba and in doing so tied the worst Biblical characters to our most important Original African essences. In the case of Esu and Ekwensu misinterpreted as Satan while the good characters were left with their original  names and not replaced with African names. Gradually through colonial missionary schools they totally derailed the people from understanding the philosophical essences and foundations of their civilizational identity.

The misinformation campaign was essential in the military coups that robbed us of our true independence and recolonizing us. We thought we had put foreign inspired coups based on corruption propaganda behind us, only in 2014/17 to have Nigeria, Brazil and others fall to Western intelligence inspired corruption propaganda, and once again arrested our economic and political development.

At this point, it is becoming clear that if the Original African civilization don't make a proactive effort to increase the peoples collective intelligence, we would continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, and might eventually engage in a needless war. African Sociocultural Harmony and Enlightenment Foundation is a think tank founded by the paramount Original African leaders, and we need more.

You have to teach your children or they will be taught outside to pull down your family foundation.


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